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    Thankyou, rridgely I will check the links out! You think I should eliminate AVG altogether then? Or have both? I really dont want to reinstall avg again now. Thanks again Cody
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    I had ezula on my windows 98 machine. It was terrible. I know that Spybot detects ezula cause I always see it in the Spybot spyware list when i run the scan. May want to try that. I think I used another spyware tool at that time, and it eliminated ezula, but turned out that the tool was spyware in itself so beware. This ccremover wont eliminate it?
  3. Hello, I have AVG antivirus and when I updated it today it asked me to restart pc. So when I restarted, my PC kept rebooting continiously. After 5 continious reboots, I ran scan disk and defrag, so far the error window hasnt returned. The microsoft error reporting message that came up had some error codes on it that I didnt undertstand, and a blue screen in between boots came up with a ton of words on it mentioning that any new hardware/software should be uninstalled if the problem persists. So this problem led me here from another forum someone mentioned to install ccremover to remov
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