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  1. I get this exact bug on all 4 of the PC's in the home. Version 3.00.1310 works great but version 3.01.1327 always has me wait. Automatic update is disabled on all systems.
  2. Daz

    CCleaner v2.24

    Thanks for adding it!
  3. Daz

    CCleaner v2.23

    I would have thought the Windows 7 Explorer search would have made it into this build if the jump list did, all you have to do is delete this key... Firefox in Windows 7 also isn't having everything cleared. For example I can enter some text into the search box on this website, run CCleaner and then click on the search box and press the down key to see what I last entered. If I run Firefox's history cleaner it will clear everything -- so what gives?
  4. CCleaner v2.22.968 does not seem to be able to clear text input history from Firefox 3.5.2 on Windows 7. If I manually clear the history from within Firefox it does clean up everything as expected.
  5. After a few days its now starting to show up via google on how to clear this info and its rather simple to do. Simply deleting the following registry key will clear the list, hopefully this can now be added to CCleaner as a default option. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\WordWheelQuery
  6. On Windows 7 (and I guess Vista too) whenever you make a search for a file in Windows Explorer (top right box of the window) the input you used to search for a file gets stored. The only way I can see to currently delete these entries is by putting the mouse over each one and pressing the delete key. Surely their must be a better way of doing this, could CCleaner automatically remove these entries for people as it would be cleaning up some stuff privacy wise which everyone on Windows 7 will have to deal with. I figure its a no brainer to add Windows Explorer Search as a cleaning option and
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