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  1. Hi Dave_M: You hit the nail on the head! I am running Webroot SpySweeper Ver 4.0.4 and when I closed the program and rebooted my PC, the temp directory was completely empty upon re-inspection! What started me looking in the temp directory originally was that I have been trying to LiveUpdate Norton SystemWorks Premier 2005 for a couple of weeks now. At some point, I got a "LU1803" update error. Part of the recommended fix for this bugware from Symantec was to clean out the temp directory. So I used CCleaner to attempt to accomplish this task. But, as I described, I was left with 101
  2. Since my desktop has been getting slower and slower (system resources only 23% free), I decided to run the latest and greatest version of CCleaner (v 1.24.180). Afterwards, my temp directory still contains 101 files comprising 11.3 MB with a bushel full of *.tmp files that are very similarly labeled: CSDF03E801-3FFA-11DA-9C30-00A0D2107935.tmp Many of the *.tmp files are 0 bytes but some contain 2330 KB. What are these files being generated from and how do I delete them since I "cannot delete" and "access is denied"
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