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  1. From an administrative point of view, I'd like to see some logging besides that created by the /debug option. If there was some way (specifically using df.exe, but in the GUI version it would be appreciated as well) to throw out a -v option or a /log option so I could have, at the very least some "Fragmentation Before" and "Fragmentation After" stats generated, I would be most appreciative. I've tried using Windows Defrag.exe to do this but defrag -a -v is limited in its scope. For example, defrag -a -v gives me a 9% fragmented stat on a disk where most of the file sizes for about 30 odd files range from 40MB to 100GB backup images. Defraggler on the other hand tells me I have over 60% fragmentation on the same drive. Even if there was a "log" switch that output similar text to defrag -a -v but with Defraggler's accuracy that would be excellent. I am sure this has all been suggested before and I apologize for this discretion should it exist. Cheers, Eric.
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