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  1. never had a prob with other op systems...these are the the first occurrences. never worked from install onwards...'find it hard to believe no-one's run across this before. doesn't really make much sense...it's only browsing the system, after all. 'will keep lookin' an' askion' tho. DH.
  2. Speccy fails to run on Vista Home Premium(Aspire laptop) and Vista Business(Intel-based tower)...server execution failed. never had this prob before on any system.
  3. why is it that Speccy just won't work, except for Peripherals, with Vista Home and Premium?
  4. ...as it cannot open the speccy.exe file! this is with Vista...no, there is no choice at the moment! never had a prob wi this before...can it be caused by AV or similar software? thanks, Dave H.
  5. have been happily Defraggling for quite a while now, but after using the latest version for the first time, machine failed to boot with the above message...let me quickly say that there is no evidence that this was due to Defraggler, BUT I thought I'd better post on the subject for the benefit of others...'could be just a coincidence, of course. have had to leave it for a few days while I consider the options for reviving the disk...maybe one of you folks has a recommended approach...so far it seems it will need to be pulled and attached to one of the other machines...let me know if you ha
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