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  1. Thank, that explains everything, I`ve never done a system restore on my vista, I think its something I should do straight away Pauline X
  2. Thank you very much Corona I`ve noted it all down and I`ll be doing that very soon Take care Pauline X
  3. Thank you everyone, your replies have been very helpful I`ll unistall my massive secuity and check out the links you gave, then I`ll do the cleaning, but can I ask one more question please, how do I do "System restore save", my old comp is XP and my lap top is Vista Thank you all very much Pauline X
  4. hello, my names Pauline and I can be thick as 2 planks when it comes to computers, so please bear with me My question is, I`m about to download the free c cleaner software to hopefully speed up my old computer which, due to a ton of excellent security loaded onto it (supplied by my S.P. for 50p a month) has slowed right down, its always very low on vertual memory and takes a lifetime to "warm up" so, will the free c cleaner software take up even more space and make using it almost impossible? does c cleaner tyake a lot of space? Thank you for reading me Pauline
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