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  1. can now confirm the problem still exists in v.5.21.5700.
  2. v5.12.5431 win xp i'm on an old system so maybe this has been fixed. go to: tools > startup > google chrome tab 4 plugins are showing up that are no longer in use or even on my computer. i think what happened is that i was dealing with a really stubborn piece of software (RealPlayer and RealJukebox - avoid if possible) that just would not uninstall itself completely; it left traces all over the place. i got fed up with standard ways of trying to get rid of it and at one point i'm pretty sure i went into the Application Data folders and manually deleted everything i could find related to RealPlayer and RealJukebox. but CCleaner seems to think the plugins are still there. i'm quite sure there's no trace of them left, but i could be wrong. i did find some traces in the registry but i'm not sure if those are relevant. also, these plugins don't show up in other browser tabs (in ccleaner). doubly weird because i don't think i ever used the plugins while in chrome.
  3. wazz4444

    CCleaner v2.22

    have to agree with this. i was actually stunned when the details were gone; it's not intuitive that the details are still available. i had to come here to find out that they are. i also agree with the rest of keithuk's post, especially regarding having a button with a changing caption. when viewing the details there's a header area with the 'view summary results' button and search box. you could simply add that header to the summary page as well with a 'view details' button. (if you take this approach, keep the buttons in the same place .)
  4. when sending a cookie from left to right (from 'cookies to delete' to 'cookies to keep'), we 'lose our place' in the 'cookies to delete' list on the left. i.e., say there are a hundred cookies on the left. i scroll down to cookie #20 and move it to the right, the list on the left is 'empty' and i have to start over, scolling back down. i scroll down to #35, move it to the right and then have to find my place again by scrolling down to #36; to 75; to 92... and so on. after a while of this it gets pretty tiresome trying to find the spot where i left off. so, it would be really great if, after moving an item from left to right, the list on the left could be pre-selected at, say, 'ItemMoved +1'. it would save a lot of time.
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