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  1. georgie

    CCleaner v2.22

    Pls read this post, too: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=23282 IMO, designing an intuitive UI is a challenge. Don't forget the sort and save entries in the context menue. Plus signs would not allow these. Have the view detailed results menu entry expand the node. I feel this could be a better solution, still allowing sort and save. You could place a plus sign in front of each line to draw the user's attention the the sign, without the well known expand functionality. The context menu could open instead. -- This could probably be done better but I'm missing ideas at the moment.
  2. I found that the detailed list is available in a context menu. The context menu is hidden by its nature, and there is no way to draw one's attention to it. A tooltip on each result line would help. A note on the page would also help. If the line would become a link, cursor and line behaviour would indicate it, the link could show the context menu too.
  3. Hi there In priciple I appreciate the new result page. It gives a good overview. But I would very much like the exact files list to remain available as a display option. This is the only feedback on what CCleaner would do if I would let it do. I can't miss it. cu georgie
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