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  1. I have exactly the same problem, when told to wipe a drive completely the program will hang on 'Formatting 0%'. It applies for any/all types of drives (Except SSD as I do not have one to test it on). It can be any number of passes, and it will always not do anything. The issue can be fixed by clicking cancel, then rerunning the wipe.
  2. I think 'Defrag by Creation date' 'Defrag by Modified Data' 'Defrag by Name' and 'defrag by size' options would greatly benefit Defraggler Also I would like a better looking UI, I am willing to make the UI images? In addition to that I suggest adding a 'Sweep Defrag' Option. This option will send the first 5 clusters to the end of the disk, get the locations of the first fragmented file on the disk and put them into an array, then moves the clusteres of the fragmented file in order to the start, once 1 cluster is written, the 6th cluster is moved to the back of the drive then another cluster is written and another moved to the back of the drive. This feature would be great for Heavily fragmented drives (Such as mine - 872GB 46% Fragmented) it would save time, however for low fragmented drives this feature would be highly ineffective.
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