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  1. I selected that one, and still...the same issue. I don't have an XP Cd. This computer was given to me.
  2. Not using a usb keyboard, now I can use the F8 key, but selecting any of the options is not helping, even on safe mode. Keeps rebooting itself.
  3. Well I can't, only the F1 and F12 keys work. I can't do anything actually, it reboots itself before showing my desktop.
  4. Well, it rebooted once and everything seemed ok, then I turned it off for the night. This morning when I turned it on, my computer began to reboot itself non stop after reloading the DELL logo (the one that comes before the WINDOWS XP LOGO and Desktop). So what do you think this is? I'm using my moms Laptop btw.
  5. Hi, (I'm new here btw) I might have selected the Gutmann cleaner using CCLEANER. My computer is restarting itself endlessly and I fear that it would be a virus, but I'm kind of sure it is the Gutmann thingy. Is not restarting from desktop, I have a DELL XP so when the Dell logo appears it restarts itself after loading. Now, if it is the Gutmann cleaner, my questions are What am I going to loose? Is the Gutmann thingy on CCLEANER similar to DBAN'S? Am I scr3wed if I don't know hot to instalL an OS? I heard it is just a file shredder if you use it on CCLEANER, if that so, what
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