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  1. +1 Please give the option to have Advanced Report as the default. Peter
  2. An update... It appears that if the folder in marked Read Only CCleaner will not delete it. I would like the option of having it delete the folder (and contents) regardless of how it's marked (read only, hidden, system). Peter
  3. That seems to work! Thanks. It will be very useful. Peter
  4. There are certain folders that keep getting generated over and over again by various programs - for temporary or other useless purposes. These folders always have the same name and are always in the same location. I don't want to have to manually delete them on a daily basis. Since I run CCleaner frequently it would be much easier if CCleaner would just delete the whole folder. Peter
  5. Yes, that would defeat the purpose. So, I will clarify my original suggestion: On the Options|Include screen I would like a new option to specify that the contents of a particular folder should be deleted AND the folder itself should also be deleted. Peter
  6. I tried the command line /delete feature and it deletes the contents of the folder but not the folder itself so it is essentially the same as adding the folder to the include list. Is that the way /delete is supposed to work (delete the contents but not the folder itself)? Peter
  7. Is it possible to do that from within the program or only from the command line?
  8. I have 2.15 and I don't see anything new about being able to delete a folder and its contents. Where exactly in 2.15 is this done? Peter
  9. It would be very useful to be able to specify a particular folder on the Options|Include list (or some new list) and have CCleaner delete the folder plus everything in the folder. Peter
  10. Please consider adding the following new feature: Under Options | Include please add the ability to delete a custom folder (and its contents). Currently CCleaner can empty a custom folder but there does not seem to be a way to delete the folder. That would be very useful and it seems that it would not be very difficult to implement (maybe I'm wrong about the difficulty). Peter
  11. Thanks for the reply. I read the section on command line parameters / automatically clean all user profiles but I don't think that's exactly what I'm looking for. What I would like to do is run CCleaner MANUALLY and have it clean files from all users regardless of which user is currently loged on. I want the file cleaning to happen now, not when each user logs on. Is that what will happen? Peter
  12. I have CCleaner on a PC (WinXP Pro) that has multiple user accounts. When I run CCleaner it seems to clean only files & folders associated with the currently logged-on account. How can I set it to clean files/folders for all of the user accounts on the PC? Is there some setting or command line switch to do this? Peter
  13. What exactly is custom file support?
  14. I'd like to see these enhancements to the Custom Folders feature: 1. The ability to specify that the folder itself should be deleted (in addition to the files in the folder). 2. The ability to include/exclude a particular file pattern when cleaning a folder. For example, delete just *.idx and *.dat files. 3. The ability to speficy whether to include subfolders when doing any of the above. Peter
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