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  1. I'm glad I came over! I just came back from saving my cookies for the sites I wanted to not have to use a password for. I don't know if it's going to work yet, as I just did it. But the process was very easy and I'm extremly hopeful my computer will be back to normal again, yoohoo!!!
  2. Well, the first thing I leanred is that they may as well take away all the gadget s up top, as they don't work worth a damn! I couldn't even bring up a larger font, something as simple as that! Anyway, Jimmy. I agree with you 100%! That's the reason I came over to find out why I have to do all this logging in all of a sudden. I'm not too hopeful though, becasue I see you've been left hanging for about 26 hours! Why should I be surprised?
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