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  1. I'm using ccleaner 4.00 with MBAM 1.75 I cleaned my computer on 2-26 and mbam has not auto updated since then. It is deleting something but I don't know what or where to look.
  2. Everytime I run ccleaner it causes MBAM not to auto update. What setting could cause this? Anyone else have this problem?
  3. Do you think this feature will be added anytime soon? I hope they add it into the next version.
  4. When i try to uninstall ie9 from windows update I get this error message: not all of the updates were successfully uninstalled. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing works. I don't want to reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows 7 to fix this but I don't know what else to do. Anyone else ever had this problem and fixed it without reinstalling windows again?
  5. 1. Under applications tab google chrome is still listed even though I deleted it some time ago. I thought once you delete something it should disappear. 2. Same thing with avast. I now have version 8 but version 6 still shows up under utilities.
  6. It saves all other sites except https sites. If I visit a bank site it will not show up in the history list. Anyone else ever have this problem and got it fixed?
  7. jimmy111

    Ccleaner 4

    Will we be able to beta test this when it comes out?
  8. 1. I just cleaned my computer and then installed ccleaner 3.15.1643 but when I checked cookies to delete there were a whole mess of them listed. I thought that list would have been empty. Where did all these cookies come from? 2. What location on the computer does ccleaner get their cookies information from?
  9. After I imported my cookies by using the export and import cookies feature in IE7 I still have to log in manually at each of my sites. Anyone know what could be causing this?
  10. OK, but how do you save the list of cookies to keep?
  11. I put my saved ini file on a flash drive,reformated my hard drive,then put the saved ini file back in the ccleaner folder but I still had to log on to all my sites. What did I do wrong? Why do I have to log on to all my sites again?
  12. I'm using ccleaner 2.21.940 with preserve favorites website data turned off in ie8. When I clean my computer with ccleaner and then reboot I have to relogin to all my sites. When I was using ie7 and cleaned my computer and rebooted this never happened. I thought if I was using ccleaner I would never lose my cookies no matter what as long as they were in the saved list. What could be wrong here?
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