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  1. Thanks for the idea. It worked. I uninstalled it with Add Remove Programs, then re-installed it. I'm happy, but a little surprised since it looks like the same wizard which ran as when I upgraded. Again, assistance appreciated.
  2. This is new behavior affecting only one of my two PCs. (CCleaner had run flawlessly on both machines for several years.) First noticed the problem this week while running older CCleaner v220, but upgrading to current v2.21.940 didn't help. Symptoms: -Just bringing up the CCleaner window cause the 95% CPU load. Killing the window (there is no exit button, right?) leaves the process alive and still loading the CPU. - If I do this twice, then I have two CCleaner processes, each with about half the CPU load, which still totals about 95%. - I can't kill either CCleaner process with the Windows Task Manager. Must reboot to recover my CPU. - CCleaner options are set to the default ones. Machines: Both PCs run Windows XP Professional, SP3 with all current Critical and High Priority patches (except I don't have IE8). Also, I believe both machines to be clean of malware. (I use AVG Anti-Virus Free, SUPERAntiSpyware, Kerio Personal Firewall, Patch advice from Secunia Personal Software Inspector, and I browse with FireFox using the Sandboxie virtual environment.) Any assistance much appreciated.
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