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  1. I take your points Marmite. I don't want to take the thread off sideways but this may be relevant to Nic's search. Ccleaner's registry clean is really good and safe especially if used regularly so that there are only a few keys to delete at a time. I think I have needed to restore the registry once in the last year and that was due to a messed up software installation not down to Ccleaner. The most important requirement for whatever backup you use is to be confident it will restore when needed. Yes ERUNT requires a reboot to restore the registry but for me it has been 100% reliable when neede
  2. There is an alternative approach. I have used the freeware registry back-up tool ERUNT for years in conjunction with Ccleaner. ERUNT is very fast and backs up the entire registry. Ccleaner does a brilliant job of keeping it tidy. As the registry is fully backed up there is no need to do it again with Ccleaner. Only thing to remember is to delete older copies of the registry from time to time as they take up a lot of space. BigD
  3. Tried it, like it - many thanks
  4. I would prefer to run the autoclean function when shutting down my computer rather than on start up. Is this a possible addition?
  5. I had a similar problem and Hazelnut pointed me here (many thanks). Thanks also to Jim' his report report gave me the pointer I needed with his mystery virtual drive. I have long had a problem with disappearing System Restore Points but I think that the problem is not with Ccleaner. I have an encrypted virtual drive(Steganos) used to store personal data. If the recycle bin is emptied (directly or using Ccleaner) while this drive is mounted and open ALL system restore points are deleted. A second non-encrypted virtual drive(MountVD freeware) mounted at startup causes no bother. It may be r
  6. Ccleaner may not be the cause. I have a similar problem with my Dell Dimension which appears to be linked to emptying the recycle bin. I can create system restore points, if the restore points are present the system restore process works fine. If the recycle bin is emptied, (AND there are files in it), all the system restore points disappear. This has happened almost since the computer was new and has persisted after full reinstallation following a replacement hard disc. For the moment I have given up - I use ZDelete to avoid putting files into the recycle bin and preserve restore points
  7. Many thanks Andavari!! It was Window Size/Location Cache. The Beginners Guide to CCleaner actually says "Selecting this option will clear tis data AND RESET THE WINDOWS EXPLORER DISPLAY SETTINGS TO THEIR DEFAULT OPTION". Once again the moral is - Read the b* manual.
  8. Windows Explorer View Settings SORRY more information. After posting this question I had a thought and ran a test. The problem is not with running CCleaner at start-up. If Windows Explorer is used before CCleaner after the computer is booted up, it retains its settings. If CCleaner is used before Windows Explores the Explorer view reverts to folder (Tile) views.
  9. I prefer my views set to details. If I have CCleaner set to run at start-up Windows Explorer returns to default folder views. In CCleaner settings I have unticked all four boxes for Windows Explorer without effect. If CCleaner is not set to run at start-up, Windows Explorer retains its detail view settings. Running CCleaner then does not affect the views. Can anyone suggest a cure?
  10. We have moved off the thread a bit. We started out discussing whether CCleaner should destroy the data when it clears out tempory files, internet tracks and of course the recycle bin. I would think that the first two categories will be written and re-written in the allocated space. A periodic wipe of free space should add a belt to the braces. Sensitive files should be shredded and not put into the bin anyway. So my vote stays the same - keep CCleaner lean and fast.
  11. You are all correct. I choose to use CCleaner because of its ease and speed. I use it to keep the computer lean and fast. For privacy use a free space shredder such as Zdelete, (not free but pretty good value ), to clean out and wipe all the free space. Tip - start it when you are going out for the day, proper data destruction takes time!!!
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