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  1. What about Assembly, and C That is NOT linux and can be developed strictly on windows.
  2. First off, Vanilla kernel vs Debian, Ubuntu... Second, any advanced programmers? I have worked on 3 or so kernels before, giving a very elegant Shell that did basic things like DBAN, Memory Checks, and hello worlds. Anyone else program? If so how advanced? HTML, desktop applications, desktops, operating systems, kernels... What is it you can do?
  3. Lol i remember that post hazelnut, just explore more, and of coarse read more!!!
  4. my grandpa is 80 and just started facebooking
  5. ryuko

    Panic Attack

    i love it, i would have never sold it no matter how much they offered me.
  6. ryuko

    Anyone program?

    Aethec:: Never really liked writing stylesheets for other pages what C#, i actually prefer C# for macs. Developing for that old mac was fun but just can't afford them these days.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! you've got a while before the pipe and slippers stage.
  8. List what you know, the langauges, big projects and so on. i am currently working on a windows xp backup system. custom compression system, custom sockets and so on. i currently know C,C++,C#,ASM,vb.net,java,php... oh gosh alot more, focusing alot in C++/C and ASM. on my webdesign side, i know almost it all
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