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  1. That seems to be the answer to my problem! Thanks only problem is even in windows explorer with all the boxes correctly checked to show ALL files hidden or otherwise my cookies.sqlite and cookies.sqlite-journal ONLY SHOW UP IN A SEARCH! but that is another issue for another day I will take up with Mozilla. and thanks to the moderators and developers for a GREAT product!!!!!!
  2. I SPOKE TOO SOON! NOW I AM BACK TO WHERE I CANT SEE ALL THE COOKIES FOR FIREFOX IN CCLEANER! Dennis I guess has the answer, revert back to the older Firefox. To be continued.......................................
  3. I THINK I HAVE IT .... In Firefox 3.5: At the heading, click on: [ Tools ] [ Options ] [ Privacy ] If you see a selection that says something like show cookies or show cookies for all sites or something like that make sure it is checked. It works Then, in CCleaner, it shows ALL OF THE COOKIES and you can move the ones over you want. I am back to normal Only strange thing is that when I go back in Tools in firefox I no longer see that option available since it is now toggled but I dont any longer need it. apparently upgrading to Firefox 3.5 t
  4. Yeah, wait till Firefox or Piriform looks into it and makes a fix. in the meantime I will poke around and see what makes this firefox 3.5 tick only certain cookies show up one particular site, although I log on, remains invisible to the list. What does show when I access the page, having previously logged in without deleting cookies in CC, is that the login information shows up in the login windows but I manually have to push the button to log in. This does me no good of course, because there is no way to save that cookie when I am cleaning, which I do very frequently. Lo
  5. lately I have not been able to see the list of cookies to save. [ OPTIONS ] [ COOKIES ] shows a list of cookies on the computer and highlighting the right arrow moves a cookie over to the save list i use this among others for cookies where I have logged in to a forum when i visit a forum page I have to do nothing I am logged as soon as I access lately I cant see this list to save a new login cookie the ones that I asved previouisly are on the save list. I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 just recently ( I use Firefox all the time and have not had problems previously) I
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