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  1. lige

    wireless mouse

    I installed a microsoft mod.3000 wireless mouse on my computer ( h/p vista home premium ) about a month ago. It works fine and I could access and change it's button/wheel functions from an icon short cut on my desk top. Yesterday I had to do a system recovery on my computer. The mouse works fine but it went back to its default settings. The icon is gone from my desk top, which I understand why. My problem is I can't find the program or file or whatever it's called on my computer. I have searched everywhere. How do I regain the icon or find the microsoft file for it so I can reset my button preferences? I looked at every program and it's not there. I don't want to do another recovery. any help would be greatly appreciated. Also,am I posting this type of query in the correct forum or should it be somewhere else? thank you........a rookie
  2. alrighty then! i'm really havin' fun now! I liked ccleaner so much I thought i'd try defragger,thought maybe that would help. well after watching it grind away for 2 hours I did an abort. boy was that a mistake!!! the ol' h/p wouldn't do crap! tried to load a game the cd player wouldn't work. tried to go on the web,that wouldn't work. Tried to run my diagnostics tool,that wouldn't load. Tried to turn it off,couldn't do that either! so I yanked the plug out of the wall,plugged it back in and did a system recovery. It seems to be okay right now. I want to make it plain that i'm not laying any blame on defragger. I had a problem before I used it and I know what a great product ccleaner is. I just want to thank everyone. I really appreciate the help. It must be really exasperating trying to communicate with the cro-magnon man of the computer world.
  3. I have ccleaner. I didn't know what those various options meant under the advanced section . I checked the window size/location cache and ran ccleaner. that cured the problem! now it opens full screen. which of those other options should I be using? or where can I find info on what they do? thanks a lot Aethec. the people around here sure are helpful to an old guy like me. lige .........oh yeah, what does "physically damaged main partition wall" mean? I loaded Norton systems works standard edition 12.0. when I ran the "disk doctor" that was the response and it said it was unable to repair because it was physically damaged. what's that all about? my computer is a h/p pavillion/vista home premium 64 bit. WAIT A MINUTE! I just left and went to google and the screen size got small again. I can make it big by clicking max. but i'm back where I started from. it worked one time. now what?
  4. thanks Glenn. internet explorer 8. I don't know how to check the ccleaner > window thing. yes it's only the browser window that's affected. games and other things didn't change size. lige
  5. yes sir I can make it larger by grabbing the bottom,the side or the corner. it just got really short for some reason and I liked it better when it was a little taller. I could log onto yahoo,jango,you tube etc. etc. without having to make it large first. now I either have to stretch it or maximize it to log in. I realize it's a trivial matter but I just wondered if something was going wrong or if any one else had experienced this . I'm a newbie worry wart I guess and every little thing like this bugs me. you know,the mysterious rattle in your brand new car syndrome.thanks for replying. lige
  6. hey folks! new here and new to computers. got great help from metalj yesterday with a problem that was driving me crazy................sooooooo i'm back for more! I have an h/p pavillion/vista home premium that I purchased on 04/09. yesterday for some reason the size of my minimized page got shorter? in other words when I click on an icon on my desktop,like google or yahoo mail it brings up the minimized screen of the website and I can click on maximize in the upper right hand corner and make it full sized.that's the way it always is I guess,and it's working fine.but why all of a sudden did my min. screen get so short? the width is the same as it was. anybody got a clue? I didn't change any settings or type size. thanks,lige
  7. thanks a million metalj!!!!!! that did it! now i'll leave you people alone and let you get back to more important things. thanks to all. lige
  8. I had a ccleaner icon in my toolbar,when I clicked on it,it would open the ccleaner and I could use it from whatever website I was on to delete history,cookies etc. without having to go back to my desk top screen to use it. I just now uninstalled it. down loaded it again and made sure all the options were checked including...add yahoo toolbar with ccleaner icon (not the exact wording but it's the bottom option and I made sure it was checked. I then did a restart. I have the icon on my desk top,it works,but it still is not on the yahoo tool bar.sorry to bother you folks with this but it is exasperating! help!!! p.s. I cnotice my tool bar is locked,would that block it? probably a dumb question.
  9. i'm probably not explaining it correctly. I used to have a little ccleaner icon up by the tool bar on the left top side of what ever web page I was on . right above the gold star that says favorites,right next to the red Y icon for yahoo. I could click on it from whatever web site I was on. when you download ccleaner theres a screen with options and I checked that box but it doesn't add it. I unloaded and loaded it 3 times......nada. what'd I do wrong?
  10. I had ccleaner before and it's great! I deleted it by accident today! (I am a rank amateur that knows nothing about computers ) I reloaded it but now it doesn't appear on my browser page.I checked all of the boxes which one of them was for that feature,but it's not there. I have the icon on my screen and it works fine. why won't it appear on my home page? ( yahoo ).I hope I made myself clear and please excuse my ignorance. thanks,lige
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