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  1. The latest update of CCCleaner installed Avast Antivirus .. and Windows uninstaller and IOBit uninstaller cannot remove it. Piriform should not have that installed by default .... this is intrusive and poor practice. Anybody know how I can remove it ?
  2. I keep My Documents, My Folder etc on a separate drive to OS (on E:\) Today I noticed that My Documents folder was duplicated within the My pictures folder ... checked original still there - and then deleted what I thought was dup ... and both folder now gone. I run RECUVA and saved all deleted files to separate HDD so they are at least safe. Could not see option in RECUVA to actually recover a folder & its file structure. However it would take long time to recreate structure & copy back. As I inow all the files I am interested in were nested structure within in E:\my pictures\my
  3. I prefer to install all my programs & data on sepearte HD to OS ... Is there a way to do this for CCLeaner, I did not have any location choice during install.
  4. My browser has been Hijacked ... by Seachnu ... both IE and Firefox. I ran up to date ver of CCCleaner ... no difference. As compariosn I run a copy of 'Spyhunter4' It detected multiple instanaces of Searchnu tool bar & add-ons Whay does CCCleaner not pick up this nasty intrusive item ?
  5. Are there any settings or optiona that would allow me to clean all accounts in one go
  6. using CC on Vista Home Ultimate .. I have main Admin Account and there are 3 other 'user accounts' Simple Q .... if I run CC from my Admin account does that take care of 'cleaning' all accounts .... or only my account ?
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