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  1. Hi Dennis, There are no large strangely named files in my C:\ root directory - I try to keep this puppy as clean as I can. I have successfully used "wipe free space" in the past - just in the last several weeks has CC refused to complete. I've got 366gb and am only using 24gb. I realize that it tkes some serious time to sweep that much free space, but I'm not joking - I've let it run uninterrupted for 72+ hours on 3 separate occaisons with the last 3 releases of CC. As I said, it will report 100% swept on the gb count, but the green status bar at the top stays stuck at 97% and never advances beyond that. Because the hour glass is running within the program, the only option I have is to cancel which then doesn't complete te wipe leaving me right where I was 73 hours earlier. That's why I've tried updating the release to no avail, then uninstalling the release & downloading new - STILL to no avail. Were there any major changes in the last 3 releases that would cause this syndrome after nearly 3 years of successful use of CC ? Thanks, Bruce
  2. For no apparent reason, CC quit wiping my freespace - I can let it run for as long as 3 days and it will show 100%l gb's wiped but will not finish. I must cancel which leaves the wipe unfinished. I uninstalled CC, then installed a fresh copy of the latest release but the same thing happens again & again. What has changed in the last 2 or 3 releases of CC that will no longer wipe frww space? Nothing else but updates to AV & Malware protection have changed on my system Wipe Free Space no longer works
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