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  1. I love CCleaner, but something is wrong with Defraggler. My issue...the defrag moves quickly through to ~90%. Then it just sits there. I left it on for ~20hrs. and it didn't move. I had to stop it after that but it never showed a sign that it was going to finish. The file names were changing but nothing else. The machine is a netbook (Samsung NC10) with a 160GB drive. The machine is only a few months old so the drive should be in very good shape. OS is a slimmed down version of XP SP3 (using nLite). System Restore and indexing service have never been on. Same goes for Windows Updates and the like (done manually only after personal inspection). I don't run antivirus software, never have, so that can't be a problem (and no I don't have any viruses or spyware issues I can assure you). There are some large applications installed (Maple, Matlab, OrCAD) and I do seem to remember seeing it going through OrCAD files while stuck at 90%. I hope the team looks into these issues and finds a way to improve the application. To those that want to get defensive simply because the application doesn't perform for them as it should, please be quiet. You sound like a childish teenager that has little to no background in software development, computer architecture, etc.. If you did you would know that problems are suppose to be reported. This allows the development team to find problems, fix them, and make the application better for everyone (not to mention it provides them a purpose to continue having a job after the application is released). Thanks.
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