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  1. I just tried deleting the cookies.sql file and CCleaner still doesn't see any of my Firefox cookies (after browsing to a few sites to ensure there were some cookies present).
  2. The issue is still occurring for me. I've installed 3.5 final and the latest version of CCleaner. If I view FF cookies through the options dialog I see tons of cookies that don't show up in CCleaner.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm not using Private Browsing Mode, so that's not it. According to the changelog, support for FF 3.5 was added in v2.19.900 so I figured they would have updated the app to look for cookies it the correct location, but I'm guessing they haven't. That seems like the most likely culprit at this point.
  4. I have verified that certain cookies present for FF 3.5 do not show up in the list "Cookies to Delete" list, which means I'm unable to move them to the "Cookies to Keep" list. They are deleted by CCleaner when I run it though. I've attached two screenshots. Please let me know if I can provide any further information. Thanks! EDIT: Upon further examination it appears that CCleaner simply does not recognize any FF 3.5 cookies.
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