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  1. Addendum: I just ran through each Registry category one at a time. And I'm pretty convinced that all of my issues all day long were "Active X and Class" issues. Any advice or helpful hints about what might be going on? Thanks, Jeanne
  2. I'm using Win XP Pro (up to date) and just updated CCleaner to v. 2.21.940 a few minutes ago. I admit that I made a mess a couple of days ago and had to restore my system; I've also managed to avoid learning anything about the Registry in all these years. I've gone back to removing programs one at a time and running CCleaner. But yesterday and today, I can't seem to clean the Registry completely. I've been running the Registry cleaner all day today -- about 15 times, and re-booting about as often. CCleaner keeps coming up with one item at a time to clean. And they mostly seem trivial -
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