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  1. While some may wait until MS Edge is released via WU from my reading MS haven't decided when? - It's been available as a download & install in exactly the same as Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi etc with a standard uninstaller & files in Program Files etc as standard practice- Microsoft is the largest or second largest software company there is, so Edge New isn't some niche browser user by a few - I've evaluated it since the beginning to final & though others choose to wait it's not unreasonable to ask as a licenced user if or when New Edge will be supported but It's beco
  2. As New Edge is the biggest shake-up in browsers for many years, it's been in Beta for a long time (and for a while was supported by a CCleaner beta) & little has changed in the main history files etc that I can see, it's pretty obvious either there are no devs? Or they don't care? Who knows, no way of knowing is there? A company has provided New Edge cleaning in a piece of software, actually two of them so far - As I see it CCleaner has become abandon-ware - No other way of putting it.
  3. Edge Chromium will be updated continually via it's own updater & not by Windows Update in line with Chromium updates, as Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi etc is also - Do the Devs know about the release of Edge Chromium though?
  4. For me as a user with several licences & PC's I maintain have bought licences, updated & additions should be done as a matter of course such as Brave etc. CCleaner was originally donation ware & can still be considered free to some degree (nagware?) , but now for many as a paid product - With due respect the developers @ Piroform (Avast) still feel updates & changes are done by a one person voluntary project & are done as an act of kindness & be thankful for them?. It's not CCleaner is a commercial product, for me at least.
  5. Stephen - With full respect to you, I do think that CCleaner has lost it's way & the developers have forgotten why CCleaner has had billions of downloads over the years, I used it from the very beginning. I am never keeping cookies on CCleaner PRO so Avast can send me info I do not want, & or limit the frequency of these, no offence to you. At the moment the firewall block is stopping pop-ups but if or when Avast circumvents users from using the firewall to give privacy and to solve an issue that should never have been there on CCleaner PRO for one will leave permanently. Best wishes
  6. Agree 300%+ I don't need any notifications ever until the Earth is Consumed by the Sun & then I'll have to have a think. Do the developers think they are dealing with Children. It's hard to believe a pay for cleanup program is planting cookies? For whatever reason? I've just blocked Piriform in my Firewall, to stop large pop-ups. Paul
  7. Can you tell me what you did as a resolution please?
  8. I've also tried to replicate this on my laptop & I can, it does seem to be caused not by the program settings being changed but maybe the Avast cookie???. The problem occurs after some other cleaner has been run such as in my case maybe [competition software]. I don't think it's unreasonable to be able to run another cleaner & then get not just pop-ups but a large one at that. I have tried every permutation in updates to no avail, I I totally uninstalled the program including all registry entries. The thing is there is no real reason for this window in the first place? After trying aga
  9. I've used CCleaner since day one when it was donation ware. I've now had enough of the program since Avast took it over. I have found a full & final solution to the recent issues & especially from the pop-ups. Totally sorted. I'm going to give the remainder of my licence to someone I 'Really' dislike, sad end to my use of CCleaner. Paul
  10. Pro version, 5.51.6939 - I am getting each & every time I start CCleaner a large pop-up telling me of it's new features, then a link to view these on the web (I've done that in desperation) - I don't really want or need this in the first place but to have it come up all the time is annoying to say the least. Why is there no 'Do Not Show Again' button - (or Never Show These Information Windows?) I've faffed with the pin thing at the top to no avail, I've rebooted & searched the program for an off button but not there. Piriform simply do not learn. I've just paid for 'Privacy Eraser Pro
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