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  1. Chances nowadays are that it may especially the ones that affect the partition table or the ones that are activated or replicated when you transfer files across partitions. Therefore possibilities are quite high
  2. Vanguard Its pretty ok. Partitions helps. In fact system partitions operate faster when they are not that large.
  3. I use Kaspersky for Windows Workstation (Commercial) Antivirus which has a firewall and Windows firewall. Been great- no threats so far for more than a year. Love Kaspersky
  4. Hi all, I just don't know how to thanks you better! you guys are so informative! I wish I got this post some times back. Maybe I should invite one or two for beer of coffee. I guess those who only take ice cream will also be invited
  5. I have used Kaspersky for 2 years now. I also use this at the Office. I have also used McAfee and avast. McAfee was not able to pick some antivirus and I suffered a lot from system crashes. I then changed over to Avast which was much better in networks attacks rather than file protection better than Mcafee but still I suffered. I tried Kaspersky for windows workstations and upto now,from 2007 my system has never crashed or attacked online! So I stuck to it/ Now, what determines the antivirus to use?
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