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  1. Solved: I resolved the issue some time ago and forgot to post the solution until recently in the event that someone else has a similar problem. The nnCron LITE service was running tasks with insufficient user privileges as the default setting was not working. The program executed yet the targeted files were not deleted. Configure the nnCron LITE service to run with *sufficient* privileges by configuring nnCron LITE via the services control panel --> cron --> properties. *With my configuration it was the local administrator account in which the computer is run. There are n
  2. I'm currently using nnCron LITE to schedule some Windows tasks. Currently, with the most recent version of CCleaner installed the only way I can remove all temporary internet files is to open CCleaner and click the clean button. When using the AUTO switch, CCleaner starts, cleans, and exits (in the task bar) but does not remove the required files. I've reviewed the docs section and searched the forums and have had no luck in finding an answer to this "bug". Am I missing something or should CCleaner be removing all selected files via the auto switch? Below are the contents o
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