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  1. Defraggler should exit to system tray when it's processing.
  2. Really Thanks for your help. I didn't see it. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RECUVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I now use Smart Data Recovery and just try Recuva as "Freeware" attract me. I really like CCleaner and Defraggler from PIRIFORM. But as for "Recuva" compare it with Smart Data Recovery, I felt something is missing. That is "WIPE" function. I really don't want to be recovered the data items I WIPE using any RECOVERY SOFTWARE by any mean. Using WIPE function in SDR is very risky and Recovery function is not so good. I like the feature of thumbnail view of photos in Recuva. So I want RECUVA to be perfect and NO RIVAL.
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