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  1. We have several computers with the First Look Pro program and after installing CCleaner the First look pro program needed to be reinstalled and the install takes a lot of time. Is there a patch or workaround so the CCleaner program can be used or are the users out of luck ?
  2. I ran the Defraggler program on a Windows XP computer with the AS-400 PC5250 emulation program already installed. I restarted the computer and the user logged in and started their AS-400 session ok. The next day the AS-400 program would not start and the error message was that a bunch of AS-400 related .DLL files were missing. Tried to uninstall the AS-400 program and it would not uninstall or allow the AS-400 program to be reinstalled over the previous As-400 emulation program. I am concerened and would like to know of any users that have had the same problems. I am thinking that the Windows XP operating shell was "kluged" by the Defraggler program. I am not installing the Defraggler program on any more computers until this issue is resolved.
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