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  1. I've attached two log files using the /debug switch; one for v2.07 and one for v2.09. Health tab present in v2.07 and missing from v2.08 & v2.09. My C: drive is a Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD which v2.07 likes just fine. It is not in a RAID (as the v2.09 log suggests) but is plugged into an nVidia 680i SLI mobo which has built in RAID support (turned off though). EDIT: These are from the same PC, run two minutes apart after installing v2.07 over v2.09. Everything else should be the exact same. Defraggler64.exe.2_7_3462012-03-14_00-51.txt Defraggler64.exe.2_9_3912012-03-14_00-49.txt
  2. Yeah, I get it too with v1.10.143 on WinXP SP3, fully patched. This is the reason I was on the forum in the first place. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall, error still occurs. Although Windows reports the app as having crashed, once you move that Window aside (do not close), you can then select Settings | Options menu and uncheck "Automatically check for updates to Defraggler" and hit OK. Subsequent app launches are successful, proving this is the problem functionality. My employer user some Sophos product on our company's proxy server.
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