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  1. Ok.. problem continued and remained unsolvable. I had the problem even after no updates of any kind... so that theory went into the garbage. I continued to search out solutions to a "corrupt recycle bin" and found this one very effective. (It lasts the longest between problem times and seems to fix it more solidly). 1. right click on desktop 2. select properties 3. select desktop 4. select customize desktop 5. in the icons section select Recycle Bin (full) and click on it 6. click on Restore Default 7. in the icons section select Recycle Bin (empty) an
  2. Yeah tried to narrow it down in previous times it has happened, but with no luck yet. Thought maybe it was a registry cleaner or a disk cleaner, but seems like it isn't that. There are numerous people on the net with the very same problem, so I am not the only one. They do not mention CCleaner all the time, but I have heard the name pop up and then there are other cleaners mentioned. Some techies think it may be that the cleaners wipe out vital programs when cleaning by mis-identifying them. I am no techie so I can't comment. I did an update on CCleaner just now, so I currently have
  3. Oh no!! The CCleaner is doing it again!! Filling the Recycle Bin with files that are invisible inside the Recycle Bin and then clearly visible ( sticking out of the Recycle Bin Icon) on my desktop. I run the "fix-tool" for my "corrupt recycle bin" again, restart my computer.. and "voila!" - no more files showing on desktop in recycle bin. I think it is fixed.... Two or three days later, same thing! Run CCleaner and then "invisible" files appear in the recycle bin - showing on desktop and not showing when you open up Recycle Bin. So I proceed to run the "fix-tool" again a
  4. I think I MIGHT have solved my own problem. My problem may have been a corrupt Recycle Bin... I simply followed all the steps to correct a corrupt Recycle Bin on one of the sites that I was reading about similar problems.. and it seems to have solved the problem for now. I will post again at a later date if I still have CCleaner problems with it. I should have known better - your product is a good one and I should have looked further than I did before posting it on CCleaner boards. I, however, was mucho frustrated I think that the corrupt Recycle Bin was the real pr
  5. What is the "Wipe Free Space" and what does it do? I see on my CCleaner I have C drive selected.. this must be the default (?).. for the wipe free space. - and what does that do?
  6. I have this crazy issue with CCleaner recently. It has just been within the past 3 weeks or so and it is getting worse, instead of better. The problem is when I run CCleaner - as it would normally clean out the Recycle Bin, instead, it fills the Recycle Bin with an item (?) that I cannot see when I open the Recycle Bin. (ie: The Recycle Bin Icon fills with an item.. and when I open the Recycle Bin, there is nothing there.). When you try to empty the Recycle Bin manually (from the Recycle Bin icon), it asks you if you really want to delete the item. The frightening thing is that the ite
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