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  1. Thanks but The same argument could be made for defraggler for the user to manually setup df.exe in task scheduler yet defraggler has added a scheduler to simplify the process. Any reason ccleaner won't add the same simple scheduler that it has added in defraggler?
  2. Any chance of ccleaner getting a simple scheduler like defraggler has? I realize it's already possible to do it through task scheduler but it's really more difficult/tedious then it really has to be especially in vista/xp
  3. First of all thanks for the most thorough defrag tool I have ever used. I have a few suggestions they are: - add 'defrag all' button/context menu that does a normal defrag + free space defrag - add 'defrag fragmented files only' button/context menu which would be a one click for analyzing + checking all in file list + pressing defrag checked - add 'defrag free space' button of the function already in context menu - +1 allow for multiple drives to be analyzed/defragged by selection in top frame - +1 while processing don't lock top frame selection, so other drives can be processed at the same time - during single file defrag remove the window that pops up and put it on the status page (drive page) instead - remove redundant status (analyzing\defrag %) in the bottom pane since it's in the top pane already - add to schedule settings type of defrag to perform: full, file only, free space only, fragmented files only - add to schedule settings drive selection check box to select multiple drives - add to schedule settings defrag drives simultaneously or sequential (one after another) - +1 to defrag after idle for so many minutes option - +1 to minimize to system tray option - option to clean with ccleaner /AUTO before defragging - +1 for showing free space fragment count \ percentage - +1 for adding offline defrag of system files (pagefile, hiberfile, metadate, etc) - show count \ percentage of fragmented system files Considerations/Additions of any of these would be greatly appreciated. Also while more of a bug report then a suggestion I notice the process priority (normal/background) isn't saved between program restarts.
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