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  1. Hello there,,, I just need a little help here... Could any of u tell me how to open a .jar file? Is it not enough when we have a java application on our system? Please tell me how its work... I really appreciate your help... Thanks
  2. I've tried to used the older version (v26. 416 if I'm not mistaken) than the version I recently used. It won't work neither. I guess the problem is in my laptop oder the program inside it.... The search windows came and dissapeared instantly, and came nothing else... here the display of my recuva.. (after the search windows went away)
  3. I use Windows Vista Home Premium SP 1 (32-Bit) my Recuva version ist v1.27.419 hope that help you to fixed the problem on the version.
  4. Mine too! Its seem that the latest Recuva version wont work at all. It couldn't scan anything, not even lost document. Whats happened?? Help us please...
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