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  1. Thank you MikeYates for your indepth reply. What program should I use to transfer my data, and can I use DVD media formated for Data with Nero to back up to? Mike in TN
  2. I have a 120 GB HD, running win xp pro. One partition FAT 32. I ran defraggler 3 days ago, but after hours of staying at 34% defraged I stopped it . Now I can't boot up my computer even in safe mode. It won't boot up using the last good configuation. I did a fixmbr and fixboot with my winxp cd, and it still would not boot. I then used UBCD4 Windows. I used a program called TestDisk (www.cgsecurity.org). It showed the MBR and Boot sectors needed to be fixed....so I did that. I can view my files in the root directory, but on deepere analyzing of each cylinder, there is a problem with the last 3 cylinders. I still can't boot up normally to recover my data......Any help or sugestions would be appreciated. Mike in TN
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