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  1. I have the same problem . I also posted a message but nobody seems to know why this is. I presume that IRON must be caching at different locations or names than regular chrome and thus CC cleaner is missing the sites. I guess we will have to wait for an u pdate that deals with this but if we don't raise enough noise the change will take some time I presume. Any other comments?? Lets get the ball rolling.
  2. I am using SRWare and I love this program. I noticed but that CCleaner does "not" work with this version of Chrome??? How do I know this. well when I run the CCleaner it reports is that there is almost nothing to clean out while if I am in SRWare Iron and I tell it to clear the browsing data it works for about a minute cleaning out the cache. After the cleaning is finished the program is significantly slower until it rebuilds the cache, this is of course with DNS prefetching implemented. Any ideas on how to redirect the cc cleaner?? I wonder why this is happening,? maybe there is a different address for the Iron cache than there is for the Vhrome cache? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gershon
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