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  1. Ah! Thanks for that Augeas. I'll take a look at that. Thank you all once again. Brian
  2. Hello Aethec and Dennis. Thank you both for your replies. Since leaving my last message and pondering over Hazelnut's information, I have come to the same conclusions as you both. I will stick with Custom Files and Folders only. However, would the ISS Log Files take up a lot of space over time and do they need to stay?
  3. Hello Hazelnut. Many thanks for your reply and sorry about the delay in coming back to you. I've been away for a while although I didn't receive email notification any way even though I ticked the option. That was good information. I obviously did not search very well the first time. If I understand it correctly, it shouldn't be a problem to tick all boxes then should it? I don't want to tick all boxes then find later that I need what was cleaned. Brian.
  4. I have used CCleaner for some time now without problems but I have always been afraid to use the Advanced section on the Windows tab beginning with Old Prefetch Data, Menu Order Cache, Tray Notification Cache etc. I am sure these items must be taking up a lot of space. Could anyone please tell me if it would be safe to tick them for cleaning or will it create me any problems later?
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