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  1. Well, you are so blessed to be so smart and have such an efficient setup that Defraggler runs fast. I just downloaded Defraggler and it is very slow, but this is the first defag operation other that Vista's defragger to be run on my 320 GB SETA hard drive. I do have an old, slow PC. It is about 10 months old. DELL XPS M1530 Intell Core2 Duo T8300 @ 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz (I know, I listed 2.4 GHz twice, but it is a dual core) 4 GB RAM Windows Vista Ultimate (32 bit) Defraggler has run for 18 hours now and I am down from 6,800 defragmented files to 360. It is slow, but again, it is free and it has GUI that Vista that does not offer. After looking at the first analysis, it does not appear Vista was defragmenting anything even though it was set to. If I survive this first defragging, I think the defrag process will be faster in the future. Take it easy on someone looking for advice or help, you might need it in the future. Thank you Piriform for providing what looks like will be an excellent utility.
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