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  1. and about this bleaching should I do that as well
  2. Dennis you are most right. should I run this registry mechanic as well or am I OVER reacting to this issue.
  3. somewhat small company 1 president 1 V.P.(me) 100 employees do not really have IT dept. lady upstairs handles that stuff along with other task. I can install or uninstall all or anything on my computer. shows me as admin. I installed CC along with registry cleaner, itunes etc. somewhat to do as I please I just made a mistake and want to correct before all hell broke loose. I this may be for nothing but I can not be too safe. I greatly appreciate all of your imputs and sorry to bother people with such trivial crap.
  4. it shows me as user admin so what next
  5. user accounts where might I find this
  6. Dennis you are most definitly correct is I can avoid this screw up I am staying out of this situation in the future. I was on vacation acouple of weeks ago and they put in a new internet server with new emails. I do not know what you mean in full admin rights. I guess what ya'll are saying is they still, if wanted could trace my tracks?
  7. easy for you to say..you know what ur doing.
  8. since downloading CC also downloaded registry mechanic and anything I was told would help...lol
  9. You are probably right. It just I kid you not I am a V.P. of this company and went to a site that would destroy my career. It was not that awful of a site just porn, but still very wigged out about it. Thanks VERY much.
  10. So what ever ISP has they have it and thats it?
  11. not sure what keylogger is. I am freaking out here. thanks for ur help
  12. I wish to cover ALL tracks if possible. any advise would be greatly appreciated
  13. can I fix the internet provider?
  14. all this talk bout people losing jobs has gotten me parinoid
  15. busted I know so am I safe with using CC
  16. will CC cover the tracks of my site visits or can they still be exposed. not very bright on IT issues. please help
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