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    Does the ERUNT GUI install file contain the full versions of ERUNT and NTREGOPT? Based on DennisD's screenshot, ERUNT GUI contains a link 'Optimize the Registry' that would appear more appropriate for NTREGOPT. I use ERUNT and NTREGOPT, but it is suggested that a prior installation of ERUNT be uninstalled prior to installing ERUNT GUI. Should NTREGOPT be uninstalled as well?
  2. I probably jump the gun and included my post without reading the next thread, as far as cleaning invalid shortcuts are concerned. If so, directing me to the right thread would be appreciated. After using CCleaner Portable on a XPSP3 pc, a number of invalid shortcuts remain on the Start Menu. These invalid shortcuts remained after uninstalling a few apps using Revo Uninstaller. It's my understanding that CC removes invalid shortcuts from the Start Menu and Desktop, but it does not search for invalids in other locations. A few of these invalids are in a user made ('custom') folder on the Start Menu. If I were to include that custom Start Menu folder, would CC remove the invalids or empty the entire folder?
  3. RoninV

    Backup .REG

    As discussed in this thread, once a user saves its *REG backup, all subsequent backups will be saved to the same location. With that being the case, is the any way of 'disabling' the location save window that appears when saving *REG backups and have CCleaner save to this location be default?
  4. There are times when Recuva is being used on large drives, and/or the user is unable to visually see when Recuva is complete and is showing a list of files 'available' for recovery. How about adding an option which would allow the playing of a *wav file when the recovery process has ended. RV
  5. Any updates to this current issue? I have an iPod that I would like to recover some MP4s prior to doing s restore. Have not done a thing with the iPod since (1) the videos stopped playing on the iPod, though they appear as IMG_00?? listings, (2) the videos files no longer appear in Windows Explorer. RV
  6. So Recuva is great to use on iPods, especially when no data has been written to the drive? I've come across many apps for this, but none of them are free (though many offer a demo which allows you to see what you could recover. Does anyone have proven success with using Recuva to recover music, video, picture, and other types of data files from an iPod? RV
  7. Clearly, opinions vary when it comes to the manipulation of prefetch. My original inquiry was regarding CCleaner lack of a feature that manipulates superfetch, since it has (still) one for prefetch.
  8. It's my understanding that superfetch is similar to prefetch, as far as idea. Superfetch loads frequently used apps into memory, so they load faster upon user input. It has that same 'trace' feel as prefetch. Should the user not be able to empty it, or at least have CCleaner delete older listings?
  9. Is it possible to add registry keys to the 'Include' list? Though registry keys can be added to the 'Exclude' list, the same is not true for the "Include' list (v2.30.1130)
  10. I come back to this thread only because, I was waiting to see if future updates would "solve" this issue. If a program is removed (via Add/Remove), would not CCleaner remove any remaining remnants from the registry, using its Registry Integrity tool?
  11. It's my understanding that ATF Cleaner is for 2000/XP only. Is that true? Any update as to whether CCleaner will incorporate the feature that will allow an Administrative user to wipe the temporary folders of all user accounts?
  12. Superfetch (Prefetch's cousin in Vista) cannot be manipulated with CCleaner. Did the developers of CCleaner decide that manipulating Superfetch was not a good idea?
  13. So you're saying that emptying the prefetch folder (which is an available option in CCleaner for XP) would slow down boot time due to the "missing" layout.ini file? But again, why isn't the option to empty the prefetch (called superfetch in Vista) not applicable to Vista?
  14. As I read it, the Application tab will list those apps "you have installed on your Windows PC." Is this list based on Add/Remove, the Registry, or both? Based on this thread alone, one would have to say the list is based on both. If that is the case, would cleaning the Registry of an apps' remnants, an app removed via Add/Remove, give the user of a "correct" listing of apps on the Application tab? How is this Application tab updated? Does it occur each time CCleaner is launched, or would CCleaner have to be uninstalled/reinstalled to get an updated Application tab?
  15. The Prefetch data folder can help programs, used previously, start a little quicker. Cleaning this folder on a monthly/bimonthly basis, rather than daily/weekly, would make better sense. I must be missing something here, but is there a reason why cleaning the Superfetch folder (XP's Prefetch sibling) is not available in CCleaner for Vista? Though Superfetch is an improvement on the whole prefetch idea, I would still like to clean it out monthly/bi-monthly.
  16. After reading the info on Recuva, I added it to my flash drive toolkit. From a forensic and/or recovery point of view, even if a file, in the Recuva result list, is zero-byte, the filename could come in handy. I'll give it a gander.
  17. Just for some clarification. Though Recuva cannot recover zero-byte files, and unless a secure delete has been performed, will Recuva display the "correct" file name of zero-byte files that appear in the result list?
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