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  1. Maybe it will be better to make drive map modern style colors more saturated and gradient effect less strong?
  2. I feel the same! CCleaner icon became too contrast and has quite strong edges. Old icon was soft for look. Icons inside CCleaner (tabs) became too similar. Please return old large icons, small ones are ok.
  3. No, this is a bug! cache cleanup is turned off, but session was deleted again!
  4. so CCleaner recognize sessions as cache. maybe you should add such option to cleaner "Clean session" because it`s unpleasantly when cleaner deletes active session
  5. There is no option to cleanup sessions in Opera, but CCleaner deletes it. Or this is not a bug, but a feature?
  6. I think it will be better to move additional functions from Action -> Advanced to Defrag button options
  7. the problem places are highlighted on the attached image
  8. I`d like to see such functions as - ask before close program - send to tray Thank you
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