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  1. I am blind and use the JAWS For Windows screen reader version 12.0 from www.freedomscientific.com to access my computer. Previous versions of CCleaner worked quite well with this configuration but something has changed in version 3.01 that makes it more difficult to use. In the cleaner section's treeview, JAWS is no longer announcing which items are checked and which are not. For example, it will say "Temporary internet files" but will not say whether it is checked or not. Strangely, if you change the setting of the item then JAWS will announce its status, but doing that on each item gets pretty tedious! Can CCleaner be fixed to work the way it did before? While I have your attention, here are a couple of other long-standing accessibility issues: 1. In the list of Registry issues, JAWS says that all items are checked. Even if you uncheck an item, JAWS still reports it as being checked. 2. The easiest way for a blind person who can't use a mouse to close a program is to press Alt+F4. This usually works in CCleaner, but occasionally it does not. I've never figured out exactly what conditions cause this but when it happens it's extremely annoying! -- Howard
  2. I've just installed 2.30 and see that you have done some work on this. It is now possible to tell whether a treeview item is checked or not when using JAWS, but it's still not quite as good as it was in 2.28 and earlier. The problem now is that when you press the spacebar to tick or untick an item, JAWS does not automatically inform you of the change. You have to arrow up and down or tell JAWS to reread the item in order to be completely sure of the current state of the checkbox after you've changed it. This is with Windows XP, BTW.
  3. I hadn't heard of Speccy before but just gave it a try. It's not bad if you happen to have a braille display but does not work at all well with speech. The only way to use it with speech is to use the screen reader's simulated mouse cursor which is quite cumbersome. As I said before, CCleaner has always been very accessible using both braille and speech. There have been minor issues now and then but they were always fixed eventually. This is the first time I can remember an update causing a major accessibility problem.
  4. All previous versions of CCleaner were quite accessible with the JAWS screen reader. In version 2.29 however, JAWS will not tell me which items on the Cleaner page -- cookies, history, empty recycle bin, et. - are ticked and which are not. This means that there is now no way for a blind person using JAWS to use CCleaner safely. I have gone back to version 2.28 until this issue can be addressed.
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