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  1. While searching the internet, I came across SRWare's Iron Browser, a Chrome clone without privacy issues. Although CCleaner recognizes Google Chrome automatically, it did not recognize Iron Browser. I had to search more for some instructions as to how to manually configure CCleaner which worked. It would be nice if the developers of CCleaner could incorporate automatic recognition of the Iron Browser as well. More info can be found here: http://www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron.php http://en.kioskea.net/faq/sujet-3892-add-i...ron-to-ccleaner
  2. After running the latest version of CCleaner 2.22.968 with all the default options checked as I did in previous versions, my Windows XP SP3 hangs. Only the mouse cursor would move around the screen. Neither the System Tray nor the Desktop Icons would respond to any click, Moreover, no response to Ctrl+Alt+Delete. This has happened several times already. I had to manually turn off the PC with the power switch to shut it down. I have uninstalled this version of CCleaner and reverted back to the previous version 2.21.940. I never had a problem with this version hanging my system befor
  3. I am using Netscape which they say is based on Firefox Whenever I execute Run Cleaner, CC does not clean the cookies of Netscape. The Applications Menu says Firefox/Mozilla but I find that for this browser, I have to manual remove the cookies within the browser itself because when I check the cookies manager, the cookies are still there. Can you provide support for this browser or guide me how to clean the cookies via CC. I am using your latest version 2.02.527. Thanks.
  4. I recently came accross an article on another Website where it is strongly advised to uncheck this option in Crap Cleaner because it will slow Windows XP down. I have always left this option checked, and have used Crap Cleaner for quite some time without any noticeable effect. Is this something newly discovered, and will it be addressed in a future version. A little guidance would be appreciated here Thanks.
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