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  1. From a server prospective I am running windows defender on a Windows 2008 Server. I actually called my host, Server Intellect, and spoke with the level 3 techs. From a windows perspective and theirs it runs very well, low resources and keeps the systems clean. As for firewall I use the windows firewall with IPSEC to block specific ips. I pretty much block out most of the foreign countries that have bad spam and other malicious stuff. It really stops quite a bit of stuff.
  2. I really like Chrome quite a bit, but I wish they would hurry and and add some more features and updates. Like being able to use google toolbar and spell check.
  3. I have used it on a 1TB drive without issues.
  4. Actually Dban will wipe it clean and unrecoverably. They have put it out to anyone who can recovery from a dban wipe, no one has yet. No need to destroy the Hard drive. That is taking it one step further, which isn't bad but unnecessary.
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