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  1. Well I just tried again and in my german version of defraggler, nothing happens when I click on those links. I have disabled IE to access the web through my firewall. Don't know the cause. Regards, linux4all
  2. Hi Piriform, another low priority suggestion would be to not rely on users having a specific internet browser like internet explorer. When I click on "help" and "about" there are links like "www.defraggler.com" or "www.piriform.com". Now, for security reasons I have IE generally disabled and use firefox instead. ,When I click on your links, nothing happens even though my mouse changes its' looking when I hovver over your links. It would be nice if clicking on your links would open a new tab on my browser window. Or when I get informed that a new version of your software is available for download, I'd also like a seperate window tab in my browser to open up. Thanks for your great software. Regards linux4all
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