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  1. I am also working with virtual machine images, and just posted a new suggestion to make use of a second spindle, where available, for temporary storage. This should make a significant difference in performance by reducing head seek activity. Now that's an interesting thought, but for one small problem, I think. You're assuming that the OS will make use of the gap to expand the file. I suspect NTFS will not. I'm intrigued at the problems in defragging, but not yet enough so to begin writing my own One possibility you may wish to consider: I understand that Ghost does an excellent job of packing files in contiguous chunks, free from gaps. You could do a Ghost backup from the source drive to a different target, then back again. Yeah, I know, two moves, where one should serve. But on the move back, both drives should spend most of their time simply stepping to adjacent tracks, which is way faster than random seeks.
  2. It has occurred to me that I have seen no defragging tool which makes use of temporary storage on a second drive spindle when it is available. CPU loading is light, but head seek activity, I'm sure, dominates the performance issues. Moreover, I am curious about the amount of data which is moved per operation. To give you my context, I am working with numerous virtual machine image files, the smallest of which is about 4GB, and the largest is around 60GB. Defragging a drive loaded with this sort of content takes a long time, and I would be delighted to see that time reduced.
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