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  1. Here, I'm not going to answer your question about Auslogistics, but I do want to comment that you mentioned that you defrag everyday, and I used to do that. However, I read on one of the tech sites a couple of years back, which advised that defragging the harddrive everyday can shorten the life expectancy of your drive. I'm open to correction if I'm wrong.
  2. I'm using the Windows XP Home Edition and Diskeeper version 10.0.608.0 See images of what it looks like...
  3. We have 4 PC's at home, and my PC has the diskeeper and I think it is an excellent software. However, I am only licensed for one PC and I have intsalled the Piriform Degfaggler into the other PCs, as I think that the Windows defragmenter is not 100%. The latest Diskeeper also slows down my older PC (Pentium 3) and the Degfraggler software is what I needed! Now with the Diskeeper, it manages the MFT. When I have done the defragmentation, I refer to the 'Job report' and it advises on the state of the drive after defragmentation. Most times, the report is satisfactory, but sometimes it warns that the MFT is full and becomes fragmented, and I set it to extend the MFT capacity, and Diskeeper shows the 'padding' progress. The Master File Table is a bit like a Phonebook, it contains the details of all files held on our system. Like a address book it is much cheaper to do a lookup on the MFT for files than scan our HDD. It is known that a fregmented drive slows down the PC, but having a defragmented drive with the MFT that is full or fragmented limits the PC's top performance. (Correct me if I'm wrong). In conclusion, I would like to see the Piriform Defraggler software to have the capability to manage the MFT as well, and I hope that the developers at Piriform will look into it.
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