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  1. Thanks for all the Help gents! I've downloaded SP3 and NOT the drivers, lol... Thanks again!
  2. I will today, thanks Icedrake... Anyone seen that Avast! av software before? (Picture in previous post)?
  3. Thank you very much for the response... EDIT: Wow What a freeking hassle this is... I use Mozilla, but I have to use Explorer to get the update, and throws me through hoops to get SP3. It wants me to install like 3 updates on the update site - should I? I went to the Microsoft download center on Mozilla and searched "SP3 download", and it only comes up with this - "Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers" http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/resu...p;stype=s_basic I'm just using one computer, but don't see a SP3 there for just me... lol I'll just wait to download 'til I hear what y'all think... Thanks! Here's the Avast SS - This doesn't seem to be the same one.
  4. Hello all, I've been reading this forum for the last day, and getting some great answers to my noob questions. I recently did a PC restore, and really wondered if it is necessary to install SP1-SP3? Also, I've installed Avast! anti-virus, as most here said they like that one best. When I googled it, I noticed there were multiple sites with the similar names and products... I wonder if I downloaded the right one? Anyway Thanks in advance, and hope to learn more from the members here.
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