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  1. Augeas, To answer your question about why the slow down in performance s...When the OS writes a file to solid state drive, the contents of the cell must first be deleted. This takes a lot longer than just a write (about 2X) Therefore, unless you have a brand new drive you are not going to see anywhere near rated performance level. There is a new TRIM feature supported by the latest ATA spec that allows the operating system to tell the drive to erase a cell after a file has been deleted. This prepares the cell for the next time it is written to. OCZ drives with latest firmware support thi
  2. Hi Ryk, Thanks for the detailed response. I am less interested in secure erase for its security and more interested in why the performance of the SSD improves. I am familiar with the article you reference. I have read it several times in hope of learning more about this topic. OCZ has provided a utility that sends a TRIM command to the drive. This is their answer to the slow down in performance of the drive discussed in this article. The problem is that this does not work through a RAID controller. It only works with SATA drive through IDE controller mode. But, from what I have hear
  3. Hi there, There is a lot of buzz on the OCZ forum regarding the secure erase feature in CCleaner. Apparently, it performs some magic on their solid state drives that brings the performance of the drive back to it's "like new" level. Can you please give some insight to what this feature is doing. Thanks! Scott
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