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  1. Hi CCleaner removes a certain file which saves configuration settings for the Lyrics Plugin (thus resetting the Lyrics Plugin to its default settings). Any idea how to avoid that? (P.S. I'm using the portable build)
  2. That's interesting. When I checked there was a signon3.txt. After uninstalling AND deleting the profile folder no such file was recreated. A leftover of 3.0.10? I'm using 3.5b4. There is, however, a signons.sqlite file. My passwords were not deleted with the deletion of the Firefox profile folder but for the time being they work. CCleaner .901 portable continues to be unable to see new cookies, though.
  3. Have done so but when searched, I found no 'signons3' file in my entire C drive. Problem remains.
  4. I have the same problem too. I check CCleaner's cookie section and it no longer appears to detect any cookies. Furthermore, even though I have certain cookies saved Firefox, it will still not remember/fill in said passwords. Using Firefox 3.5b4
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