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  1. alright, so I guess it was a previous install of ccleaner then... thanks btw - maybe it would be a good idea to add a confirmation box to the ccleaner install routine that tells you that it found ccleaner settings from an older install and asks if you want to keep the settings from the previous install?
  2. umm.. so what now, anyone knows why what caused that problem??
  3. hi, today I installed ccleaner at a friends pc. after reboot however, unfortunately ccleaner was set to autostart and after reboot it did delete everything that it was set to delete without asking me. so the question I have is: is ccleaner set to autostart when you install it the first time on a vista machine? or was there a previous install and the new install used the old settings(he didnt remember if he installed it, I didnt check)? actually I was using ccleaner a lot but this problem did cause a lot of trouble if the second scenario is the most probable cause, might I add the suggestion that the installer asks if the autostart feature should stay enabled? regards
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