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    The one area I have noted that is still missing from CCleaner is media played files. Window Media Player still shows previously played, Windows Movie Maker show previous files, and Movie Maker Classic shows prior settings.
  2. I for one am glad to hear you did NOT update to xp SP3. Please read the thousands upon thousands of horror stories that are a result from 'upgrading' to SP3. If you do choose to, you need to run a full anti virus scan, a complete maleware scan, verify your XP key is not only legal - but Microsoft SHOWS it as legal (as many legal versions have been found in error to be noted pirated, when they were not.) Being a Systems Integrator, I work on 20-30 systems a day, and of the hundreds of SP3 upgrades, I have had about a 20% failure, as well as about 4-5% where the system ended up totally bricked and would not even reboot into safemode and a clean XP OS needed to be installed with loss of all installed programs.. Yet one thing I DO before any software installions or updates, is run CrapCleaner on the systems! It reduces the chances that a virus or malware is hidden in a temp file that regular software checks miss.
  3. I just downloaded the latest version and I made the mistake of just clicking through without thinking. Now I have that crappy Yahoo Toolbar that spys on everything you do, drags my cpu down, records where I have browsed, and is 100% worthless. It is really frustrating to see a quality program designed to help get rid of 'crap' and then have it package crap along with it. Is there anyway to like set in the register where Toolbars are automatically blocked from even being installed in the firstplace? Couldn't these most hated type programs be added into a malware program that prevents it from installing?
  4. Same here. My son whom is home school had his assignments on his online messed up yesterday as I had run CCleaner just before that and did not realize it had changed the date to the next day. Fortunately his teacher was prompt at noticing this and emailing us to have it corrected. I have, nor never will, use any Norton product.
  5. I have used CCleaner since it was called Crap Cleaner and did not have a 'version' number... It's a great program and I recommend to the thousands of members on the two sites I host and 5 I tech support on... But I am getting more and more complaints on the Yahoo Mailware Bar that is auto installed. I know some call it a 'toolbar', but anything that is not wanted, steals precious bandwidth, spies and records everything you do via the yahoo server, (something CCleaner can NOT clean as it is not local,) and was not intentionally installed by the computer owner is MALWARE. Please - I realize many companies are being forced to try and find more ways to generate a profit, yet even the most beginner student in college programming knows that if you wish to place an OPTION into software, it is not by default installed. Please correct the installation method to where it the Option Box is NOT checked by default. Even Skype corrected this after so many complained. If any member here has noticed a sudden increase in spam email, it is interesting to note that the Yahoo toolbar, (whom rolled over all server/user information to the government without a warrant again recently,) seems to always coincide with the influx of spam. I'm not saying the Yahoo Toolbar, which DOES send all of your use through it to their server, is the cause of this. That is for you to decide what is actually going on. For now on all of my sites I am placing a warning next to the CCleaner download link to be cautious when installing it, as well as instructions on how to remove the SpyBar completely from ones system if it has infected their system. The Windows Add/Remove program is NOT available for use to uninstall it, as it does not even properly install itself according to Microsoft standards. Many 'normal' computer users are unaware of how else to rid themselves of it. But really... Having one of the greatest cleaning tools on the planet, associated with one of the biggest companies that harvests data for advertising companies (and obviously the government as well,) is really quite the oxymoron.
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